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Dandee Red Apple

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The Dandee Red was first discovered in 1997 in Roger, Ohio by Dan Simmons and released to the public in 2006. Literally growing as a limb off a Paula Red tree, this apple exhibits characteristics of both its parents, the other probably being the Summer McIntosh. However, this apple improves considerably on both other apples. 

The main distinguishing feature of this apple is its early ripening: ready a full week before Paula Red and a month before McIntosh. Its other distinguishing characteristic is its long storage life. It will hold for three months when stored properly- unheard of in an otherwise mushy field of early apples. 

The apple itself is large, round and bright red in color. Its blush sometimes turns slightly purpleish in color and develops a matte finish throughout storage. The flesh is creamy white and is crisp, tart, and does not brown when cut. The flavor is balanced with hints of berry and sugar cane. It is also quite cold hardy. 

Available rootstock is G.935; a normal semi-dwarf, this rootstock also has numerous advantages over other rootstocks of similar size. It is precocious, meaning it produces at an early age (there’s an apple term for you!), very productive, works well in most soils, and is resistant to crown rot and fire blight. 

USDA Zone: 4-7

Mature Height: 12-15' or 45-50% of Standard; Semi-Dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 2, Early Mid Season

Ripening Time: Early August

Pollination: Required

G.935 Rootstock Characteristics