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Multi-Grafted Trees

Original price $99.00 - Original price $199.00
Original price
$99.00 - $199.00
Current price $199.00

Most Apples, Pears, and Cherries require multiple trees to pollinate. For those with small yards or gardens- these multi-grafted trees are functionally self-pollinating and can produce fruit with one tree. We have several options:

Apples: Granny Smith and Honey crisp; Liberty, Granny Smith and Honey crisp. 

Pears: Red Bartlett, Bartlett, Comice, Bosc, and Summercrisp; Red Bartlett, Bartlett, Comice, and Summercrisp

Cherries: Bing, Black Tartarian, Van; Bing Black Tartarian; Royal Ann, Lapins, Black Tartarian; Black Tartarian, Van, Royal Ann. 

Each tree is individually priced as they are all slightly different. Apples come in a 7G container, Pears come in a 10G container, and the Cherries are in 15G Containers and must be delivered.