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Dabinette Crabapple Scionwood

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$5.00 - $75.00
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Scion wood is ~10-12" long, ¼" in caliper, and ships in August or January-April.

As of 4.1.2024 We have ceased shipping scion/ budwood for the Spring 2024 season. Any orders for this product will ship in mid-August for bench grafting season. Please consider this when making a purchase. 

The Dabinett Apple dates back to a chance discovery by William Dabinett (for whom it is named) in the early 1800s at his orchard in Somerset, England. It is probably a chance seedling of the Chisel Jersey apple though neither parent has been properly identified. The apple is bitterly astringent and is not meant to be eaten off the tree. Instead, that apple is renowned for its cider qualities.

It is a Bittersweet Apple yielding a medium dry cider blends well with other flavors of apple cider. However, this apple is of such quality that is can produce a cider of superior floral flavor that can stand alone. A cursory Google search yields multiple ciders and breweries that produce cider using this apple. The cider is a clear, golden yellow color with hints of vanilla, melon, and a bright apple flavor. It is high in tannins and really dries the mouth when consumed. 

The tree is an early and reliable bearer; further enhanced by its rootstock- B9- dwarfing this tree yet abundant bearer. It actually tends to over-bear and should be thinned so the tree can produce fewer, yet higher quality, apples. It enjoys the slightly cooler climate of Zone 4 as it needs more chill hours than other apple trees but plant on a south facing slope the more north you go. It is highly resistant to apple scab and canker but does not like to be in standing water and prune off any shoots that originate at the base of the tree.