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Updated USDA Zones

In late 2023, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) updated its Zone Map. This map is used by millions of people and is considered fundamental in plant care. We at Roots to Fruits Nursery use this map when planning orchards and advising people on what plants they can actually plant. We do now know where everyone lives so it is important to check your address based on this updated information. You can find a link to the map here: SHOW ME MY ZONE

The Map contains information compiled over 30 years representing the lowest annual winter temperatures at more than 13,000 weather sites across the country. It is very user friendly and is searchable by zip code. The map is divided into approximately ½ mile blocks with each Zone represented by a gradient color. For the Nursery- a rather comical feature occurs. The east side of WI-171 is Zone 5 and the west side of WI-171 is Zone 4. Sometimes the boarders between zones is twisty and non-linear. Always be sure to check your Zone before planting!

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