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Peach Trees

There is nothing quite like a ripe peach in Summer. First planted in the US in the early 1700s, the Peach grows well in temperate climates. The tree is rather cold hardy but prefers planting on southern slopes to avoid those late Spring frosts. Most peaches are self fertile and produce gorgeously fragrant flowers. Because pollination from another tree is not required, peaches are perfect for smaller gardens where space is a premium.

We categorize our apple trees into four sizes: Maiden, Field Ready, Hand Select, and (3 or 5) Gallon Container depending on the size of the tree. Maiden trees are usually 2 years old and are branchless. These are also called whips and will bear in 2-3 years. A Field Ready tree is 2-3 years old and might have some lateral branching, be thicker above the graft, and will bear in 1-2 years. The Hand Select trees are only about 20% of trees we have and are 3 year old trees, 6-9' tall and can be heavily branched. You can expect fruiting on a Hand Select tree in about a year. 

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