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european pear trees bare root or container

European Pears

One of the two major subspecies of Pears, the European Pear is native to the Mediterranean area and are common in cooking and baking. Larger with more diverse colors than their Asian counterparts, the European Pear is also hardier to colder zones. This variety gives pears great culinary versatility and application. Pears can be dried or canned and used in pies or cakes. 
  • Trees must be planted in well drained soil
  • 6 hours of sunlight Full sun preferred
  • Stake all trees for the first 2 years. Dwarfs must have permanent stakes
  • Tree guards should be used
  • Plant at least 2 Different apples trees for Cross Pollination
  • Plant disease resistant trees for less maintenance.

We categorize our apple trees into four sizes: Maiden, Field Ready, Hand Select, and (3 or 5) Gallon Container depending on the size of the tree. Maiden trees are usually 2 years old and are branchless. These are also called whips and will bear in 2-3 years. A Field Ready tree is 2-3 years old and might have some lateral branching, be thicker above the graft, and will bear in 1-2 years. The Hand Select trees are only about 20% of trees we have and are 3 year old trees, 6-9' tall and can be heavily branched. You can expect fruiting on a Hand Select tree in about a year. 

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    Ayers Pear

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    The Ayers pear (Pyrus communis 'Ayers') is a medium-sized pear cultivar that is commonly grown in the United States. It was developed in Georgia by...

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    Original price $41.00 - Original price $79.00
    Original price
    $41.00 - $79.00
    $41.00 - $79.00
    Current price $41.00