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We have ceased shipping bare root trees for Spring 2023. Container trees available and bare root will continue in November
We are shipping Containers now and will continue shipping bare root in November.

Autumn Blaze Maple

Original price $15.00 - Original price $179.00
Original price
$15.00 - $179.00
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America's Favorite Blazing Maple! The fastest growing maple we sell reaching heights over 35' at maturity and growing over 3' per year once established. These brilliant maple trees are oval in shape and grow taller than wider making them perfect for rows and planting amongst other trees. They turn brilliantly red in September. Trees are tolerant of many types of soils and can be tapped for maple syrup. 

USDA Zone: 3-7

Mature Height: 35-45'

Mature Spread: 20-25'

Autumn Color: Crimson Red

Scientific Name: Acer freemanii 'Autumn Blaze'