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Black Oxford

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This Apple hails from Oxford County, Maine and was discovered by Nathanial Haskell in 1790. This very tree, still standing in 1907, is well known to this day in the apple growing region of Maine. It was primarily used in cider making having a sweet/sharp profile and baking. 

The apple itself is medium size and very round. It displays russeting beginning at the stem and decreasing is coverage toward the calyx. It ranges in color from a deep purple to a desaturated burgundy color. The apple enjoys a long season to reach peak color and is very cold hardy. It is the color and sunlight that changes the apple's color. The Black Oxford is harvested in late fall.

Yet another excellent quality of this tree is its resistance to Fireblight, Apple Scab, and a strong resistance to Cedar-Apple Rust. The tree is a spur bearer and should be pruned with regularity to avoid biennialism. For best pollination and harvesting results, pair with another late flowering late harvesting apple like Enterprise. 

The superb qualities of this apple go on! Normal Malus domestica flower is white, the flowers of the Black Oxford tree are light pink. This helps them stand out from other fruiting tree and makes for a decorative flowering tree.

USDA Zone: 3-7

Mature Height: M.7 ~15' or 70% of Standard

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 4, Late Mid-Season

Harvest Dates: Early November (56 days after McIntosh)

Pollination: Required

M.7 Rootstock Characteristics