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M.7 Rootstock

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Also known as EMLA 7, this rootstock hails from 1912 at the East Mauling Research Station and probably the most common semi-dwarf rootstocks. It produces trees about 60-70% of standard and is moderately precocious. Many American apple varieties grow on M.7 rootstocks though that trend is changing in recent years. 

Rootstocks are about 18" long and are ¼" in caliper. Sold in packs of 5, 10 and 25.

Final Height: 60-70% of Standard; ~13-15'

Resistances: Fireblight, Crown Rot, and Wooly Apple Aphid

Suckering: Many

Support Needed: May require support if tree begins to lean. 

Precocity: Moderate yet early. 

Cold Hardiness: Moderate, protect the root system.

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