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Macoun Apple

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Introduced by the NYSAES in 1923, the Macoun is a cross of McIntosh and Jersey Black. It is named after Canadian horticulturalist W.T. Macoun but was developed by Richard Wellington. 

These apples have beautiful shiny dark red and striped skin. The snow white flesh is very tender, juicy and extra sweet with a hint of berry. The aromatic Macoun is known as one of the best flavored of the juicy, crisp eating apples and is often used in desserts. This apple should be eaten or used right off the tree or soon thereafter for best results.

The tree is a vigorous grower and should be pruned with regularity to prevent biennialism. Once established, the apples should be thinned to allow such large apples to develop; which they do along the entirety of the branch. It has good disease resistance; notably to Apple Cedar Rust. 

USDA Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: M.7~ 15-17' or 60-70% of Standard; Semi-dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 4, Late Mid Season

Ripening Time: Early October

Pollination: Required but tree is partially self fertile

M.7 Rootstock Characteristics