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Red Rome Apple

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In 1817, Joel Gillet discovered a seedling tree from a nursery delivery and one of his children planted it near the Ohio River in Rome Township. A few years later, that seedling produces large, red fruit that were suitable for baking. Originally known as Gillet's Seedling, the tree grew in popularity around the Ohio River Valley. The original tree, sadly, fell into the Ohio in the 1850s due to erosion. 

The Red Rome Apple is a large fruit, almost softball sized, and takes a long time to mature and ripen. It is one of the last apples to ripen- late October- and pollinates well with other late apples. Its bright red and glossy with greenish- white flesh. An excellent baking apple: its subtle flavor develops well in heat and it retains its structure. It has thick skin. The tree only needs 700 chill hours and grows well in warmer climates. 

USDA Zone: 5-9

Mature Height: M.9-337 12-14' or 45-50% of Standard; Dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Tree is self fertile though pollination might be required for full fruiting

Bloom Group: 5 Late Season

Harvest/Ripening Time: Late October

M.9-337 Rootstock Characteristics