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G.969 Rootstock

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$22.00 - $107.00
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A semi-dwarfing rootstock out of the Geneva Apple Rootstock Breeding Program. It is cold hardy and is a cross between a dwarfing Ottawa 3 Rootstock and a semi-dwarfing Robusta 5 rootstock. The resulting semi-dwarf tree has excellent brach structure and growing to heights ranging from 14-17' though most orchardists find it easy to prune this tree to dwarf size. Good for homeowners wanting a freestanding tree. Rootstocks are about 18" long and are ¼" in caliper. Sold in packs of 5, 10 and 25.

Final Height: 70-75% of Standard; ~14-17'

Resistances: Fireblight, Crown Rot, and Wooly Apple Aphid

Suckering: Few

Support Needed: Excellent test rootstock for those wanting a freestanding tree.

Precocity: Intermediate

Check out the patent for the G.969 rootstock here