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Geneva 41 Rootstock

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$22.00 - $107.00
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A dwarfing rootstock resulting from an M.27 (one of the smallest dwarfing rootstock and our choice at the Nursery for dwarf trees) and a Robusta 5 (small semi-dwarfing rootstock no longer commercially recommended). Tree is recommended for dwarfing orchards but produces brittle graft unions and branches should be staked immediately to support the tree. Tolerant of higher pH soils. 

Rootstocks are about 18" long and are ¼" in caliper. Sold in packs of 5, 10 and 25.

Final Height: 50-55% of Standard; ~12'

Resistances: Highly resistant to fire blight, Phytophthora, wooly aphids, and replant disease

Suckering: Few

Support Required~ graft union is brittle and requires trunk and branch support

Precocity: Very early

Cold Hardiness: Hardy

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