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Dappled Willow on Standard

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Like all willows, this grafted plant loves water. It can tolerate damp soil and will grow and grow if waters regularly. The plant itself is shaped like an upright button- some liken it to a UFO as it hovers on a thin stem about 4' above the ground. The leaves are what set this willow apart. In Spring, they open slightly white and turn orange in color- almost like a dream sickle. This orange color stays on the plant through the beginning few fews of summer before relaxing into a light green color. The plant benefits from pruning and can be cut back annually.  Grafted at 48".

USDA Zone: 5-7

Full Sun to Partial Shade in afternoon 

Mature Height and Spread: 7-8' x 5-6'

Scientific Name: Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'