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Lapins Sweet Cherry

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Lapins cherry is a dark red to almost black, large-sized cherry variety known for its sweet and juicy flavor. It is a self-pollinating variety, which means it can produce fruit on its own without requiring another cherry tree for cross-pollination. The Lapins cherry tree is a medium to large-sized tree that produces an abundance of fruit in mid to late season, usually around late June to early July. The cherries are firm, with a slight crunch when bitten into, and have a sweet, rich flavor with a hint of tartness. The Lapins cherry is a popular choice for both home gardeners and commercial growers due to its productivity and excellent fruit quality.

USDA Zone: 4-8

Mature Height:

Maxma: 15-18' or 66% of Standard; Semi-Dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Self Fertile and will pollinate other sweet cherry trees.

Rootstock: Maxma