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Monarch Apple

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 An old English (Essex) variety bred in 1888 by crossing a Peasgood's Nonsuch (probably the coolest apple name ever) with a Dumelow's Seedling and commercially available in 1918. This apple is traditiaonlly used in pies and sauces. A superior baking apple, the Monarch looses a bit of its shape when baked but the heat really brings out is wonderfully sweet flavor. An excellent sauce apple, the Monarch produces a fluffy chutney that does not brown. 

This apple is a heavy cropper and tends toward biennialism is not pruned but is scab resistant in damp locations making it perfect for low lying planting spots. The trees grow upright and spreads easily so give this tree plenty of space. It can store for up to 4 months and its flavor really hits its peak about a month into storage. It is reddish pink over a light green skin with white, coarse grained, yet soft flesh. 

USDA Zone: 4-7

Mature Height:

B.9: 8-10' or 35-40% of Standard; Dwarf (Ships in Spring 2023)

M.111: 20-25' or 85-100% of Standard; Semi-Dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 3, Mid Season

Ripening Time: Late September to Early October

Pollination: Semi-Self Fertile but will benefit from other apples nearby

B.9 Rootstock Characteristics

M.111 Rootstock Characteristics