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Pajam 2 Rootstock

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$21.00 - $104.00
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Very similar to M.9 and its related families, the Pajam 2 Cepiland is a French rootstock know to be one of the strongest M9 grafts available today. The graft union is the strongest part of the tree and some grafts are stronger than others. Tree is vigorous and precocious yet is a dwarfing rootstock. Tree requires support and well drained soils. Other family of rootstocks include Pajam 1, M.9, EMLA 9, Nic29, M.9-337

Rootstocks are about 18" long and are ¼" in caliper. Sold in packs of 5, 10 and 25.

Final Height: 45-50% of Standard; ~ 11-12'

Resistances: Fairly resistant to crown and root rots

Suckering: Moderate

Support Needed: Required~ tends to have a small root system

Precocity: Very early

Cold Hardiness: Hardy

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