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Pixie Crunch Apple

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Pixie Crunch, or Co-op 33, is a 1971 cultivar of the PRI Institute grown at Purdue University. Descended from the Golden Delicious and Red Rome apples (amongst many others) this apple is prized for its crisp texture and disease resistance. The apple is small- medium is size with green base skin that blushes to a dark red color. Its flesh is yellow and extremely crispy. Its chosen name, Pixie Crunch, reflects these traits. 

Ideal for the home grower- the tree stay small and is immune to scab. The apple stores well for up to two months but should be eaten within that time. Read more about the Pixie Crunch apple here

USDA Zone: 3-9

Mature Heights:

G.41 ~8-10' or 40% of Standard; Dwarf

M.9-337 ~10-12' or 45-50% of Standard; Dwarf Ships Spring 2024

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 4, Late Mid Season

Ripening Time: September- 1 week before Delicious

Pollination: Required

G.41 Rootstock Characteristics

M.9-337 Rootstock Characteristics