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Prairie Magic Apple

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The Prairie Magic Apple is a wonderfully cold hardy variety hailing from Jeffries Nurseries in Neepawa, Mantioba. Wilfrid Drysdale crossed a Goodland x Mantet apple to create the newest addition of cold hardy Canadian apples.This relatively newer apple is primarily grown for its eating qualities. It is of medium size and is light red in color. Before maturity, the apple has a green hue that fades to red over the summer. It is quite cold hardy; having been cultivated on the prairies of Manitoba (hence the name) and is excellent right off the tree.  

This apple is extremely sweet and can be eaten off the tree before it is fully ripe and still be sweet. In northern climates, the apple is ready as early as late August and can be harvested through mid September to help extend the growing season. Most often used in desserts or baking, this apple's large size really helps it stand out in the cold hardy crowd. 

USDA Zone: 3-7

Mature Heights:

M.7: ~14-17' or 60-70% of Standard; Semi-Dwarf

B.118: ~18-20' or 85% of Standard; Semi-Dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 3, Mid Season

Ripening Time: September

Pollination: Required

M.7 Rootstock Characteristics

B.118 Rootstock Characteristics