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Roxbury Russet Apple

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First discovered in Roxbury- part of the Massachusetts Colony- in the mid 1630s; the Roxbury Russet is one of the oldest cultivars in the United States. It grew in popularity due to its long storage capacity before the invention of refrigeration. The apple was (is) also pressed for cider. 

The apple is medium in size with grayish-green, heavily russeted skin. Its flesh is creamy white and is extremely juicy. Its very sweet with a high sugar content making it perfect for fermentation. This apple has long been used in ciders. Even though the apple stores a long time, it does oxidize quickly when cut. The tree has better disease resistance to scab and cedar rust than other heirloom apples.  

USDA Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: B.118 18-21' or 85% of Standard

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 4, Late Mid Season

Ripening Time: Late September- Early October

Cider Profile: Sharp Tannin: .8g/L, Acid: .61 TA, Sugar: °Brix 15.9

Pollination: Tree is a triploid requiring two additional trees to pollinate but is itself pollen sterile. 

B.118 Rootstock Characteristics