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Showtime Crabapple

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This is probably our most stunning crabapple. All three seasons produce a different color. In Spring, extraordinarily bright flowers open along the entire branch giving the tree a dense bloom. The flowers are a bright fuchsia color. While the flowers are open, reddish foliage opens giving the tree a denser, still reddish, look. The foliage turns a shiny greenish bronze color that lasts all Summer. Its berries are small (mainly eaten by birds) and intensely red. Once Autumn hits, the leaves turn from copper to crimson and stay on the trees for weeks before the tree goes dormant. Words cannot describe the visual treat this tree offers. Growing to an upright 25', this crabapple will make an incredible centerpiece in landscaping. Tree also displays field resistance to many Malus diseases.

USDA Zone: 4-8

Mature Height and Spread: 25' x 20'

Sun: Full sun

Bloom color: Fuchsia/pink

Foliage Color: Green/bronze

Fall Color: Crimson

Scientific name: Malus x shotizam