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Surefire Cherry

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Created and released to the public in 1997 from the New York State Agricultural Experimental Station at Cornell. However, the original tree was planted back in 1975 and is a cross between Borchert Black Sour x NY 6935 (Richmorency x Schattenmorelle) and was called NY 12716. Luckily, upon further development and cultivation of its traits, it became a commercially viable tree. The Surefire names comes from consistent fruiting and beautifully colored fruit. 

The Surefire Cherry is a self-fertile tart cherry that grows wells in colder climates due to its late flowering period. Typically 7-10 days after Montmorency it helps the tree avoid the late frosts that often kill fruit production. It is also larger, tarter, sweeter, and has a smaller pit than Montmorency. When grafted on Mazzard rootstock the tree tends to top out about 14-16' and is a normal semi-dwarf sized tree. It is cordate (heart) shaped and bright red. Cider profile below. 

The tree is an excellent grower for northern climates. It stays smaller than other cherry trees, requires less pruning due to structural branch growth habits, and requires less force to harvest. 

Read more about the Surefire Cherry and its patent here.

USDA Zone: 4-8

Mature Height: Mazzard 14-16' Semi-Dwarf

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom color: White

Harvest Dates: Late June

Pollination: Tree is self-fertile

Cider Profile- Pink cider, pH of 3.1, titratable acidity of 1.6%