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White Gold Cherry

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Developed in Geneva, New York in the early 2000s, this cherry is a cross between a Stella and Emperor Francis sweet cherries. It is hardy to Zone 5 like most other sweet cherries. Unlike most sweet cherries, however, the White Gold is self fertile and can pollinate itself. White, fragrant blooms emerge in early Spring.

This cherry’s striking feature, as the name suggests, is its yellow fruit. The cherry grow yellow while developing before blushing orange-red on the sun side. The flesh is also bright yellow Ripens mid-June. The tree has a number of other features: it is resistant to several fruit tree diseases and produces heavily annually. Meant to be eaten right off the tree, the White Gold is quite a colorful addition to an orchard or back yard. 

USDA Zone: 5-7

Mature Height: 18'

Ripen Time: Mid-June

Bloom Color: White

Rootstock: Mazzard

Pollination: Not required- tree is self fertile and will pollinate other sweet cherries

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