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Wickson Crabapple

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Bred on the farm of Albert Etter, a Californian Pomologist, in Northern California in 1947. Etter is famous for his cultivation of red fleshed apples. To create the Wickson Crab he supposedly crossed a Spitzenburg Crab with a Newton Crab~ though neither of those exist. Instead, a more likely lineage stems from a Transcendent Crab with a Etter's Gold to create the Wickson. In conjunction with the University of California- the Wickson Crabapple became a premier cider crabapple. 

The crabapple is smaller, bright fuchsia in color, and grows in clusters. The cider it producers is very clear with little particulate matter or coloration and is sweet and acidic. The cider is usually blended with other varieties to enhance some its more subtle flavors. 

USDA Zone: 4-8

Mature Height: G.969 ~

Sun: Full Sun

Bloom Group: 2, Early Mid Season

Ripening Time: October

Pollination: Required

Cider Profile: Sharp